Telltale hires industry veteran Leah Hoyer as vice president of creative

Feb 4, 2017

Telltale Games, a publisher and developer of hit narrative-driven games, announced that award-winning narrative designer Leah Hoyer has joined the company. The former ArenaNet and Microsoft employee has an impressive track record in narrative design.


Telltale‘s CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Bruner had this to say: “Leah Hoyer brings on board a wealth of narrative experience from the realm of video games and television, and we are thrilled to welcome her into the Telltale fold.”

Leah’s impressive résumé is sure to enhance Telltale‘s already-stellar creative talent pool. She previously worked as the narrative studio director at ArenaNet. The role had her working on Guild Wars II, an MMO whose narrative transcended the tried-and-true tropes of the genre, opting for a more streamlined affair. During her time at Microsoft Studio‘s design department, Leah worked on the bombastically tongue-in-cheek Sunset Overdrive and the action-packed Killer Instinct reboot. The latter had multiple endings based on the players’ choices – Leah’s experience here fits in nicely with Telltale‘s unique style of narrative.

“Leah will be an integral part of our studio’s growth strategy in the coming year, expanding our creative development base with the best and the brightest talent as we continue to define exceptional interactive scripted entertainment,” said Bruner.

Looks like Leah’s varied experience is indeed in line with the company’s growth plan. Leah doesn’t only have experience in gaming narrative, though; the talented designer once had a brief stint as an attorney, and she also worked as the director of development for Disney Television Animation, which had her working on Kim PossiblePhineas & Ferb and Recess. All three of these innovative series – despite being kids’ shows – are packed with morality, humour and complex characters. If you ask me, Leah’s eclectic repertoire is a winner for Telltale.


“Telltale remains at the forefront of narrative as a gameplay experience, and I couldn’t be more excited to become a part of the team,” said Leah. “I look forward to growing the company’s diverse creative capabilities in new ways, beginning with a special narrative design symposium during GDC this coming month.”

Leah’s enthusiastic about her new gig, and for good reason: Telltale has been killing it lately with its episodic story-driven Minecraft, Batman and The Walking Dead games. With Leah now in the fold, who knows what’s in store for the Telltale‘s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game and season two of its episodic Game of Thrones adaption.

Leah is already making waves in Telltale‘s narrative department. To expand the studio’s creative team, Leah will be leading a special symposium during GDC. This invite-only creative workshop will be held on March 2, 2017, aiming to give successful applicants a foot in the door for narrative-related work in the games industry.

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