New book reveals all about the N64

Feb 17, 2017

A new book – written by author Math Manent – takes a panoramic look at the Nintendo 64 in what might just be the most comprehensive analysis of the revered console. The book includes over 400 pages of facts, interviews, reviews and more. It also chronicles the console’s seven-year journey from development to retirement.

The massive book reviews all 388 of the console’s games, including details on each title’s release date, rarity, developer, genre and – naturally – a rating out of five. Naturally, there are lengthy full-page reviews of some of the platform’s bigger games, such as the many top-notch 3D platformers on the console (the genre’s making a huge comeback this year, too for many reasons.

It’s jam-packed with the interviews of the day, including conversations with Rare‘s Nartin Hollis (GoldenEye) and Titus‘ Eric Caen, who was the producer for Superman 64, which is almost unanimously viewed as one of the worst games on the platform – nay, any platform.

There’s also a plethora of high-quality content that even the biggest N64 aficionados may not know about, including cancelled games, rare collectors’ editions and more. There’s even a collectors’ guide that outlines all the games released in each major territory (Japan, North America, Europe and Australia). Each game has a check-box for collectors to mark their progress, too.

The N64 Anthology Book will be released on 10 March 2017, and it will be exclusively available from

“For those who grew up playing on the N64, this book is the ultimate gift. Covering every aspect of the console, from its games right through to its hardware,” said’s General Manager Andy Pearson. “It has been assembled with all the care and attention you’d hope for as a fan. It’s the perfect addition to any N64 collection.”

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