NEW: International Gamer Pubcast 16: Mudrunner is the og death stranding

Tom, JJ, Richie, and Rhys talk Half-Life: Alyx creation tools, Nolan in Fortnite, Amazon’s Crucible, Death Stranding, and more! Also, Richie and Rhys hate Mudrunner.


International Gamer Pubcast 15: Eight CARS, ONE BALL

The IGP crew dive into the Unreal Engine 5, Tony Hawk’s 1+ 2, and Ghost of Tsushima reveals!Also, JJ talks Old World and Days Gone, Richie binged 30 HOURS of his first Assassin’s Creed game (across three days!?), Tom relapses into LoL, and Rhys plays his comfort games. 


INTERNAInternational Gamer Pubcast 14: Uhh…That’s NOT Gameplay

The guys discuss Inside Xbox’s ”gameplay” reveals, Summer Game Fest filling in for E3, and talk about their challenge games. JJ’s been back in VR and obsessing over Outer Wilds, Tom’s torn on the FFVII Remake while his wife steals his gaming laptop, Rhys plays the original FFVII and Dreams, and Richie may have found his perfect strategy fix. 


International Gamer Pubcast 13: Tom Clancy’s Vikings

JJ, Richie, and Rhys talk zombie games, the new Assassin’s Creed reveal, Sony first-party studios, FFVII thoughts, and more! We also challenge one another to play a game out of our comfort zones. 


International Gamer Pubcast 12: Tarkoholics Anonymous and FF Blue Balls

JJ makes a big decision; Richard played a million EGS games and loves Valorant; Rhys messes up the intro and still loves Final Fantasy VII; and lots more!


International Gamer Pubcast 11 (Definitely not 10): FFFirst Impressions and Control(lers)

In this episode, we talk Ori, Valorant, Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1), the new PlayStation 5 controller, and more!


International Gamer Pubcast 9: Epicly Controlling Alyx Crossing

JJ reviews Half-Life Alyx, Rhys is besotted with Animal Crossing, patient gamer Tom FINALLY learns what all the Control fuss is about, and Richie drunkenly pops in for 5 seconds. We also chat about the week’s biggest gaming news, including Epic’s new publishing arm. 


International Gamer Pubcast 8: PS5 Specs and Eternally Doomed

JJ, Richard, and Rhys are joined by Dutchie Tom Wijman. They talk Doom Eternal, Disco Elysium, PS5 specs, some weird mud game JJ’s playing, and a whole lot more.


International Gamer Pubcast 6 & 7: The First Quarantine One

In this one, Richie, Rhys, and JJ talk life in quarantine, Animal Crossing/Doom hype, the games they played (Ori, Dreams, and more), E3’s cancellation, and loads more! We were too drunk when we recorded episode 6, so we scrapped it. So we called this one episode ep 6 & 7. Why not? Sue us.


International Gamer Pubcast 5: Scoots ‘n’ Scoops

Richie’s been ill, so Rhys and JJ talk Xbox Series X specs, the Coronavirus’s impact on the games industry, and the games they’ve been playing.

International Gamer Pubcast VR Special: Virtual Reality Is Exciting Again

To mark the start of this new VR miniseries, JJ and Rhys talk about the headsets they own, their top three VR games, what they’ve been playing in VR, and the latest VR news.


International Gamer Pubcast 4: The Drunken Challenge One

This week, Richie, JJ, and Rhys talk about the games they’ve been playing, industry news, games outside our comfort zones, and cloud gaming.


International Gamer Pubcast 3: The Rock Band Band

JJ, Richie, and Rhys chat about what they’ve been playing, Riot’s killer strategy, JJ’s Tarkov obsession, Richie’s WoW obsession, and more. We also challenge ourselves to play one game each that’s out of our comfort zone!


International Gamer Pubcast 2: Alessandro Loves Phil Spencer

Sony skips E3, Horizon Zero Dawn may be en route to PC, Cyberpunk 2077 gets a hefty delay, and more! Richie is out this week (hungover), so Italian JRPG-lovin’ Alessandro fills in.


International Gamer Pubcast 1: Gouda of the Year (GOTY)

Ten beers, a Sekiro rant, games of the decade, and how to pronouce Gouda like a Dutchie.