Let Bluepoint Remake Bloodborne on PS5 Already

It’s a match made in heaven: the masters of remakes and a masterpiece held back by its technical performance. Bluepoint Games needs to remake Bloodborne for the PlayStation 5. Keep reading for IGP host Rhys’ take on the situation.

Bluepoint: From Humble Beginnings to Key PlayStation Pillar

Established in 2006 by two guys from Metroid Prime‘s engineering team, 90-person company Bluepoint Games is now renowned for remaking and remastering older games for current hardware. They started small, with PS3 HD remasters of games like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus—as well as for the God of War trilogy.

This track record continued into the PS4 generation, with remasters such as Uncharted Collection and Flower—both incredible. After this early success, the studio began entirely remaking the games visually from the ground up—not just remastering them.

Sony now trusts these guys with some of their nearest and dearest IP. To that end, Bluepoint released the spectacular Shadow of the Colossus remake in 2018, which critics and fans adored.

Demon’s Souls on ps5 Proves Bluepoint Has What It Takes to Remake Bloodborne

Bluepoint most recently developed the stunning PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls. The original kicked off FromSoftware‘s Soulsborne series, meaning this remake had big boots to fill. Luckily, everybody’s loving it.

Bluepoint‘s work on Demon’s Souls 2020 was so remarkable that it even acts as a technical showcase for Sony’s new console during these early launch months. The game was a huge success—both critically and commercially. And on a personal note, it was also one of my top 10 games of 2020.

So, Bluepoint has shown its chops and has proven itself as a key pillar for Sony. It’s time to give these remake masters the keys to one of the games of the generation: FromSoftware’s Bloodborne.

Bloodborne: A Masterpiece Marred by Modern Standards?

Launched back in 2015, Bloodborne is widely regarded as one of the best games of the PS4 generation—if not, of all time. It speeds up the Dark Souls series’ intense combat and wraps it around a grotesque Victorian-style world.

Like all From games, Bloodborne‘s also pretty tough, but it isn’t nearly as hard as people make out. And the point remains: this game’s design—and everything else about it— is almost perfect. Almost.

Yet there’s one drawback that’s long been a stain on this masterpiece’s legacy: it doesn’t run well at all, especially by today’s standards. The framerate is choppy at best on the PlayStation 4 and even PlayStation 4 Pro, even dipping to 20 and lower during busier moments.

Bloodborne‘s timing-based combat demands the player’s complete attention. Missing that split-second animation window for a parry could mean the difference between vanquishing a boss and losing half an hour’s progress.

Simply put, every frame matters in Bloodborne. Even a stable 30 frames per second—once the de-facto standard on console— isn’t ideal, so sub-20 FPS is criminal. I recently returned to Bloodborne immediately after finishing Bluepoint’s PS5 Demon’s Souls Remaster. One of my favorite games of all time was at first practically unplayable in comparison.  

Solidifying Bloodborne’s Legacy with a Bluepoint Remake

A Bloodborne remake running at 60 FPS, Demon’s Souls style, would solidify Bloodborne once and for all as one of the best games of all time—no more “buts” and “ifs” about the framerate.

Interestingly, plenty of PlayStation 4 titles have received 60 FPS updates for the PS5/PS4 Pro: Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Days Gone, and—crucially—Sekiro and Dark Souls III. Like Bloodborne, those latter two games were made by FromSoftware and are part of the Soulsborne series.

So why didn’t Bloodborne get the 60 FPS treatment like those other titles? Aggravating things further, Bloodborne is part of the PS+ Collection, so surely it’d get a cheeky patch? Right!? Sadly not.

However, prolific modder Lance McDonald, who’s been doing some neat stuff with PT as well, has patched Bloodborne to run at 60 FPS, so an update is evidently possible. While Lance’s mod isn’t available to the public, you can see from the video below that it runs similarly to the PS4 Pro/PS5 version of Dark Souls III:

So why can’t we officially play Bloodborne at 60 frames per second?

I reckon it’s because there’s already a Bloodborne remake on PS5 is already in the works.

Is a Bluepoint Bloodborne Remake Already Happening?

Rumour has it SIE is in talks with Bluepoint about acquiring the studio, and that the Demon’s Souls remaster was their final test, if Marsipan Games’ RESETERA thread is to be believed (I’d take it with a pinch of salt).  Sony ended up acquiring Insomniac after the success of 2018’s Spider-Man, so this may not be the first time such a “test” has happened.

If Demon’s Souls were a test, I’d say Bluepoint passed with flying colours. The game’s currently sitting at a cool 92 on Metacritic, the highest average for a PS5 game so far. And early sales and PSN data also signposts commercial success for Demon’s Souls.

So there you have it: Sony’s likely not patching Bloodborne as a remaster may already be in the works. And who better to work on that remaster than Bluepoint? They’ve already proven they have the chops for it.

I’m hoping we’ll learn more in the coming weeks and months, but I’m almost certain that we’ll be seeing more of Bloodborne this generation, and I can’t bloody wait.

Do you think Bluepoint should remake Bloodborne? Or should Sony leave sleeping Vicars lie? Let us know on Twitter @IGPubcast!

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